Burning Cat | An event from the creators of Exploding Kittens

Our courageous story

We’ve attended a lot of gaming conventions. A lot of them. There are things we like. We like the fans. We like the games. We like the creativity. But there are many things that we don’t like. We don’t like that most conventions are basically a glorified shopping mall. We don’t like that despite being a gaming convention, very few people play actual games, or have actual fun.

Rainbow Ralphing Cat

So, we decided to reboot the idea of a convention. We decided to build something new, from the ground up. We decided to focus on a core philosophy: this is a con you attend if you want to have actual fun. This is a place to observe and/or participate in games, comedy, and creativity. This is a place for tabletop gamers, card game players, casual party game players, families who love games, game makers, or anyone who ever hosted a game night.

Burning Cat is an event for people who are tired of screens and want to have fun face-to-face.

In Short:

Burning Cat is a game night
brought into the daytime.

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