Butt Waste Bags – Disposable bags for baby diapers and pet poop 200 count

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Have you ever been somewhere in public or at a friends house, you change your child’s diaper and it STINKS! Because lets face it, poop doesn’t smell like roses! With our bags, you can confidently throw away a smelly diaper and know that its not going to make the whole house smell. The bags have a light jasmine scent. And who doesn’t love our fashionable design?! Pet owners, you can also use these when walking your dog to avoid leaving your pets stinky poop on the streets or in the park. This package comes with 1 dispenser and 10 rolls of 20 bags (200 total).Provides a sanitary way to dispose of dirty diapers and pet poop.
Minimizes Odor With Jasmine Scent
Comes with an easy to use dispenser for easy use when traveling


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