Call of Duty WW2: Hands-on plus release date and gameplay details

Call of Duty WW2 release date

CoD WW2 will launch on November 3 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Call of Duty WW2 – Will there be Zombies?

Nothing concrete has been revealed about the hugely popular zombie co-op mode, but a teaser image all but confirms there’ll be some form of undead foe in CoD WW2.

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Call of Duty WW2 gameplay – multiplayer hands-on

Call of Duty is back for another year, and the format remains as divisive as ever. WWII is the same fast-paced run-n-gun experience as it always has been, with a few new additions that might help keep the series fresh. This time around, it’s been developed by Sledgehammer Games, the development house behind Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare.

I went hands-on with the game at E3 2017. My session was entirely un-briefed – there was nobody to explain what was going on – so I had to get acquainted myself. I played three game types: Team Deathmatch as a warmup, old-fashioned three-flag Domination and the new, objective-based War mode.

I’ve not picked up a CoD game in a couple of years, but as soon as the DualShock 4 was nestled in my hands, the old feelings of Activision’s behemoth franchise came flooding back.

There have been changes to the way the class system works. Instead of fully-customisable classes, there are now Divisions in which you pick a speciality and build your class from there. This wasn’t available during my hands-on time, though, and I could only pick from ten pre-built classes that covered the full spectrum of weaponry, from LMGs, assault rifles, SMGs, trench guns and long-range rifles.

Call of Duty WW2

I tried a few different weapons, and they handle as you’d expect for the most part. LMGs slow you down but have a useful bipod attachment for defending choke points, and handle more predictably under sustained fire. My SMG class had a detachable suppressor, allowing me to “go loud” when I wanted to throw caution to the wind. SMGs continue to be very challenging beyond short-to-medium range and are largely useless over long distances.

I had the most fun running around with trench guns, one of which was semi-automatic. With a massive spread of buckshot, it’s not ideal in anything but the most close-quarters situation, but the extra movement speed it grants means you can go into firefights on your own terms, at close range. The maps I played all had areas where short-range weapons were a better choice, and the usual clever CoD map design means there’s normally a covered route to key objective points.

Because I wasn’t able to use the new class system, I couldn’t really feel how it affected the class creation aspect. However, each Division has a set Skill that’s unchangeable, Training that ranks up as you play, and Basic Training, which can be used by any Division. The full list, from Reddit, is below:


Division Skill

Bayonet Charge

– Special training on the use of the Bayonet makes Infantry riflemen a threat at all ranges. While sprinting press R3 to activate.

Division Training

Infantryman III

– Two extra attachments on Primary Weapon

– One attachment on Secondary Weapon


Division Skill


Hides muzzle flash and prevents gunfire from appearing on enemy mini-maps but reduced range of weapon. To toggle press left d-pad.

Division Training

Pathfinder III

– Sprint for longer distance

– Increased sprint speed

– Climb over obstacles faster


Division Skill


Protect territory by mounting your machine gun Mount on ledges and while prone for less recoil. Press left d-pad to mount.

Division Training

Tanker III

– Rocket Launcher as Secondary Weapon

– Extra piece of equipment

– Throw equipment faster, farther & while sprinting


Division Skill


Block out the surroundings and in return acquire aim assist and enemy names. Activated holding breath with L3.

Division Training

Scout III

– Acquire enemy names from farther away

– Increased mini-map coverage

– Hidden to player-controlled streaks


Division Skill

Incendiary Shells

Shotgun rounds which spark flames that burn enemies to death. Press left d-pad to load shells.

Division Training

Sapper III

– Extra magazines

– Immune to shell shock and tactical equipment

– Take less explosive damage

Basic Training (All Divisions)


– Immune to shell shock and Tactical equipment

– Sprint for longer distance


– Swap weapons faster

– Throw equipment faster

– Resupply ammo & equipment from dead enemies


– Quieter movement

– Take no fall damage

– Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft while moving


– Reveal enemy equipment

– Take Less explosive damage


– Scorestreaks cost less

– Re-roll Care Packages


– Extra piece of lethal equipment

– Smoke Grenade as tactical equipment


– Extra Magazines

– Reload weapons faster


– Move faster while aiming down sight

– Extra attachment on Primary Weapon


– Kill without revealing enemy death locations

– No name or reticle color change when targeted


– Two attachments on Secondary Weapon

The other new feature I did at least experience is War mode. In my session, I played on the attacking side as the Allies, we had to bust into a German intelligence room (position holding) to gain critical info, destroy an ammo supply (bomb planting) and build a bridge (lie on the ground hitting a set point with a hammer). The defenders are given frequent reinforcements to keep them competitive, but my attacking side was fairly unstoppable, using copious smoke grenades to cover points.

Call of Duty WW2

It’s nice to have a bit of objective-based play in CoD, but given the map itself is similar to other Call of Duty maps with relatively short sight lines combined with some first-floor buildings, it doesn’t fundamentally change the experience. It does, however, focus even the most kill-obsessed players onto a single objective, but you’ll still need a bit of coordination to be able to continue moving forward. The missions are over in ten minutes, so they don’t have a huge feeling of scale or accomplishment; it’s just moving objectives.

Early impressions

With fast-paced gameplay and an overhauled class system, WW2 brings CoD back to its roots. It’s as fun as ever, but lapsed fans who’ve been away for a while looking for something new might be disappointed.

CoD WW2 beta

Activision and Sledgehammer Games will be holding a multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: WW2 later this year ahead of its launch on November 3.The beta period is confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, with no word yet on a PC rendition. To gain access to the beta you’ll have the pre-order, though.

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