Capcom bringing Resident Evil 7 to Switch with experimental pricing

Capcom will experiment with a new streaming and pricing model when it brings Resident Evil 7 to Nintendo Switch in Japan. 

As reported by the Verge (and on Capcom’s official Japanese website), Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version will rely on cloud streaming technology to run on the handheld-home console hybrid. 

Players will need to download a 45MB base game application before streaming the rest of the title from the cloud. Naturally, they’ll also need a solid WiFi connected to get the best experience, limiting the Switch’s portable capabilities. 

Notably, the cloud version won’t be a straightforward purchase. Instead, Capcom is trialing a new business model that will require Switch users to buy a ‘play ticket’ for around $18. 

That ticket will grant access to the title for 180 days, after which point players will need to buy another play ticket if they haven’t finished the game or want to dive back in. 

The cloud version will land in Japan this Thursday, and will include the main game and all downloadable content. Right now, it’s not clear whether Capcom plans on launching the revamped Switch title worldwide, but it’ll still be interesting to see how the publisher’s streaming experiment plays out. 

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