Celebrating Pi Day – Serve Your Favorite Pie Flavor!

Celebrating Pi Day with pie seems obvious, right? Or is it just that it’s an excuse to eat pie? No matter. I’m all in regardless.

Serving pie to my family gives me the chance to say thank you for everything they do to hold down the fort while I travel. I’ve been averaging three or four trips a month, and they haven’t complained even once, but I know it’s hard.

I mean… I have three cats. And one of them is still pretty new and skittish.

And I’m about to leave on yet another trip. Sorry, guys.

So for this year’s Pi Day, I asked my family to accept my “piece” offering in the form of a delicious Edwards Chocolate Crème Pie. Chocolate crust, chocolate cream, chocolate drizzle… what’s not to love?

celebrating Pi Day

Celebrating Pi Day

And they accepted!

Edwards Pies are the best-est. My family loves them, especially the key lime, vanilla caramel and my #EdwardsPieceOffering flavor –  chocolate crème .

What flavor of Edwards Pies would help you in celebrating Pi Day and make the perfect piece offering at your house?

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