Chrissy Teigen Posts Relatable Tweet About Hearing Other Kids Cry

You can always count on Chrissy Teigen to make moms feel better about their “bad mom” moments. In a recent tweet, Chrissy admitted that she feels really happy when she hears other children crying. Because at least it’s not her kids!

“I truly love hearing other kids cry now because it means it’s not my own,” Chrissy tweeted. “That’s a better feeling than silence, honestly.”

As a mother of two, Chrissy totally gets it. The model and cookbook author had her first child, Luna, with John Legend in 2016. The couple had a son, Miles, in May 2018, which means Chrissy now has a toddler and a newborn at home.

Chrissy is “really doing this kid thing,” as she put it. And doing this kid thing means that you start having some truly surprising feelings. For example, feeling happy at the sound of children’s tears.

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