Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Troll Who Demands More Bikini Photos

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Chrissy Teigen never fails to entertain with her comebacks to social media trolls!

Chrissy recently posted a video of her daughter, Luna, getting her first big girl bed. It was a major moment for the 2-year-old, who hilariously insisted on “fixing” the bed by bringing her stuffed animals over. This type of adorable kid content is exactly what most of us go to Chrissy’s page for.

But some troll apparently wasn’t a fan. He left a rude comment on the video: “Bikini pics only, you were a model nobody cares about your kids.”

Reader, this is very much not the case, if the 3 million views on Luna’s video are any indication. What a gross thing to say! But it’s all good, because Chrissy set the troll straight with a hilarious comeback.

You do you, Chrissy.

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