Christmas Presents Stolen From Struggling Single Mom’s Home

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Angelica Huitt, a single mom of four, was in the process of moving her family into a rental home in Sacramento County, California.

With the holidays approaching, Angelica has been working three jobs to give to her kids the Christmas they deserve. She has an 11-month-old baby boy and three daughters, ages 2, 4, and 9.

After saving up enough money to purchase $1,000 worth of gifts, Angelica focused on the preparations. She filled her car with pretty wrapping papers and bows, and she picked out the perfect tree under which she’d display the gifts.

She couldn’t wait for all five of them to spend their first night in the new home. But when Angelica got home from work, she walked into the room where she’d been storing the toys and found it completely empty — except for a rock and pieces of broken glass scattered on the floor.

The devastated mom realized her home had been burglarized. Every toy was gone.

But that wasn’t the scariest part.

If you would like to help Angelica in any way, please visit the GoFundMe page that has been set up for her family. 

Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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