Class Armor Sets Highlights – All Gear Sets in Classic WoW for Every Class, Tier Sets, PvP Sets

Comment by marth354

on 2019-10-03T10:58:58-05:00

Looks like the guides are mostly tier and pvp sets; which is nice to have listed in one spot, but it would have been cool if other sets that are good for the class were included. For example the Cadaverous armor set or the postmaster. I think those types of sets that are a bit less famous or traditional would have been useful to have since they are sets with set bonuses and quite useful.

Comment by Quissy

on 2019-10-03T11:14:06-05:00

absolutely, that’s very true marth. In these particular guides, I wanted to highlight class-specific sets only, seeing as there are many, many other sets that exist in WoW Classic that multiple classes can benefit from. Too much to fit on one page, imo, and I’m sure future guides will include them. For right now, the various BiS guides on Classic Wowhead will include those sets if they meet the requirements.

Comment by marth354

on 2019-10-03T11:54:09-05:00

Yea, that makes sense Quissy. I totally get why you would focus on the class sets. It was just kind of unfortunate since for example with feral druids they don’t really use any of their tier sets but do use some pieces from other sets. But I agree that including them would have made the articles very long. Maybe in the future someone could put out a guide that lists all the non specific sets in one go with what classes use them; at least for the more endgame sets. Idk if anyone can post a guide or not; but I am thinking of possibly getting all the data together and handing off to someone else to post up if they want.

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