Classic Beta Entry Appears in Blizzard’s CDN

Comment by Cortyn

on 2019-04-17T15:30:20-05:00

What is a CDN?

Comment by kippa

on 2019-04-17T15:31:03-05:00


Comment by XxTimetoKillxX

on 2019-04-17T15:31:07-05:00

Queue the ron paul its happening gifs

Comment by jrowland11

on 2019-04-17T15:31:27-05:00

Most likely Content Delivery Network

Comment by oregonmetal

on 2019-04-17T15:34:42-05:00


Comment by Peredhil

on 2019-04-17T15:35:59-05:00

When is Blizz involved, a solid dose of skepticism is almost required for every potential hype. This is just technical stuff though, and if you expect Classic- which is normal- is just as normal to be a beta at some point- and that beta to follow the usual procedure.

Comment by SilverSaw

on 2019-04-17T15:39:50-05:00

Fingers crossed

Comment by Warsky

on 2019-04-17T15:44:45-05:00

What is a CDN?r
Content Delivery Network

Comment by HooK2000

on 2019-04-17T15:44:57-05:00

What is a CDN?

CDN short for Content Delivery Network. A network of servers that store files that have to be accessible all the time usually to a broad audience. Google Webfonts are delivered via that technology or other major net-tech. In Blizz case I think they use one to deliver patches and game data.

Comment by iressiwi

on 2019-04-17T16:10:58-05:00


Comment by Racthoh

on 2019-04-17T16:19:51-05:00

Please invite vanilla players instead of streamers who don’t care or know anything about it

Comment by perringaiden

on 2019-04-17T16:23:53-05:00

Content Delivery Network – The network that delivers your updates through the Blizzard Agent client.

Comment by Automag

on 2019-04-17T16:39:34-05:00

Hype train!

Comment by Uzira

on 2019-04-17T16:48:18-05:00


Comment by CondeNoMuerto

on 2019-04-17T16:50:20-05:00

Ah, good ol’ Thottbot, and Allakhazam! Ah, the memories!r
Classic wouldn’t be classic without them!

Comment by nezumi12

on 2019-04-17T17:01:41-05:00

i’ll just wait. the addition of the file system only means they’re expecting it eventually. like a couple who buys a crib and high chair when the wife’s period is only 2 days late.r
and it’s not like there aren’t enough “Coming Soon^tm” memes out there

Comment by bmrouse

on 2019-04-17T17:01:48-05:00

so just a file name nothing to see here just false advertisement

Comment by Stormeey

on 2019-04-17T17:07:43-05:00

I know this should strictly be the hype train, however….. Indulge me for a moment on this. I have been sincerely trying to understand how having a permanent WoW Classic (Vanilla) server will in any way satisfy players for very long. This is a server with a game that was in its earliest version of itself, with a lot of design flaws and issues. That is forever frozen in time? Stuck forever with the exact same content in perpetuity? Serving a player base that consistently and NOTORIOUSLY gets bored with content a month after it is out and complains that blizzard isn’t releasing new, better, more balanced content fast enough … EVER. A server and game that never evolves into the next thing, the next space in time, the next evolution of Azeroth and its denizens and populace never change, grow, evolve, win, lose, ALL the things. A server that has the same bosses and loot forever. The exact same challenges every single day with no hope for change?r
I started in BC and MAN MAN MAAAN do i have fond memories of that time! I would LOVE to go back to those days when everything was SOOO new, so difficult, so EPIC, so amazing and cool. The thing is this though, I am smart enough to clearly understand that the ONE THING that made that time the most amazing no longer exists. The ME that i was THEN, the me that was experiencing everything so new and different, so immersive, difficult, challenging and ultimately rewarding in a way that this game no longer is for me. r
I am attempting to make this commentary in a way that is not derisive of the things that others desire or feel is rewarding to them. I just have not seen this conversation in any of the forums about the new Classic. And it seems a conversation worth having.r
Just curious.

Comment by ikechi

on 2019-04-17T17:13:32-05:00

I can see Patch metadata just arrived on the CDN. Not sure if it’s encrypted or not, I’m not that into datamining yet.

Comment by perringaiden

on 2019-04-17T17:15:25-05:00

I know this should strictly be the hype train, however….. Indulge me for a moment on this. I have been sincerely trying to understand how having a permanent WoW Classic (Vanilla) server will in any way satisfy players for very long.r
There’s a lot of content to complete before the content is “over” for most people.

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