Classic Economy Roundup – Video by GumdropsEU

Comment by Malevola

on 2019-06-10T20:30:04-05:00

There was a version of MTS available for Vanilla. I have it installed. GFW addons were also available for tracking pricing of crafting materials using AH databases. I have a catalog of thousands of addons for 1.12.1 client that gave all kinds of functionality, so stating that modern addons are “too powerful” indicates that you weren’t around for the original game or weren’t aware of the scope of addons available at that time.

Comment by baldie80

on 2019-06-10T20:37:24-05:00

The WoW Classic economy is going to be so exciting and unpredictable. r
I had a debate in a YouTube comment section about a week ago whether bags or consumable like potions/flasks and even bandages would be a better gold making strategy. Yes everyone will want bigger bags, but there are only so many bag slots for each character. I think bags may well be king for the first 6 months or so depending on how strong Classic interest may be, but past that I think the need for potions, etc for PvP and raiding will overtake bags as the higher volume market. Add Alchemy Transmutes to the mix and I think thatu2019s the better long term strategy. r
Of course all that depends on how strong the raiding and PvP scenes prove to be, and of course no one knows if they will flourish or sputter. In my opinion though, the smart play is to back the theory that Classic will have longevity. If it does, you will come out ahead. If it somehow fades or fails then it wonu2019t really matter all that much anyways.

Comment by hinastorm

on 2019-06-10T22:36:37-05:00

The problem with bags is, unless im mistaken, the recipes are not hard to come by, and the materials are common. Which will likely lead to bags being the cost of mats on the AH, or even less. r
I’m talking just regular bags though, you may be talking about high tier mooncloth bags and such. We’ll see on those, but I suspect making armor with mooncloth, at least in the short-term, will make more sense.

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