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WoW Classic is nearly upon us and here’s our Classic hub to help you out!

Welcome to our WoW Classic content hub! Here, you will find links to our latest Classic news coverage and guides.

Live Update

WoW Classic is now live. Don’t forget to check out:

WoW Classic Class Guides for everything you need to know about your main.

Best WoW Classic Addons for a list of the best addons currently available.

Which Class Should You Play? if you can’t decide which class to main in Classic.

Many servers are experiencing long queues, so Blizzard decided to open up new realms after launch. Realms with Medium population are still experiencing prolonged queue times and Ion Hazzikostas explained why here. Check out WoW Classic Realm Population Hub for the latest news.

Global Launch

WoW Classic is set to launch on August 26 in the US // August 27.

WoW Classic Launch Date: August 27th

See below for details on the exact time you can log in and experience the origins of World of Warcraft.

Blizzard will use a new technology called layering to ensure a smooth launch. They’ve fixed a lot of bugs since we last looked at layering and provided more clarifications in the latest Reddit AMA.

Layering Technology in WoW Classic

Clearing Up Layering Misconceptions

Character Creation

An active subscription is required to play the game and to reserve up to three characters ahead of launch. We’ve created a short guide, where we go through how to install the game, realm types and differences to help you pick the best server.

Avoid Streamers in WoW Classic

Faerlina Will Be the Main Streamer Realm in WoW Classic

How to Pick a Realm and Create a Character in WoW Classic

Realm Population Reports

We also post realm population reports on a regular basis to inform you about the current realm population, based on available data.

Classic Realm Population Hub

Realm Population Report #1: August 14th

Realm Population Report #2: August 15th

Realm Population Report #3: August 16th

Blizzard Urges Players to Stay Away from Herod (US) & Shazzrah (EU)

Realm Population Report #4: August 17th

New Realms Coming in WoW Classic: August 19th

Realm Population Report #5: August 21st

Realm Population Report #6: August 22nd

New Realms Coming on August 26th

Realm Population Report #7: August 23rd

Realm Population Report #8: August 26th

New Realms Opening in All Regions & Overpopulation Update

Realm Population Report #9: August 27th

Realm Population Report #10: August 28th

Realm Population Report #11: August 29th

Realm Population Report #12: August 31st

New & Returning Players

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the game or a veteran, here are some interesting links to get you started with Classic WoW

WoW Classic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WoW Classic Official Survival Guide

Glossary of Classic WoW Terms

Reconnect with Friends

If you’re looking for old friends that you played Vanilla with, the community resources listed below may prove to be useful:

Introducing Vanilla Friends

WoW Classic Connections

WoW Classic Guides

Our team has been hard at work to bring you guides for WoW Classic before launch! The goal is to have Class, Dungeon, Profession, and Reputation guides up as soon as possible with Raid guides and more to follow in the coming weeks.

WoW Classic Class Guides

WoW Classic Dungeon Guides

Which Profession is the Best for My Class?

WoW Classic Profession Guides

WoW Classic Reputation Guides

Content Release Phases

To allow for meaningful progression, Classic will have 6 content phases that will be released over the course of the game to mimic Vanilla patches. In the initial phase, players will be able to access Molten Core, Onyxia’s Lair, and Maraudon.

Phase 1 (Launch)

Molten Core
Open World PvP only (no honor or rewards)

Phase 2

Dire Maul
Honor System (including Dishonorable Kills)
PvP Rank Rewards

Phase 3

Blackwing Lair
Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon Faire deck drops begin
Alterac Valley (version 1.12 4.1k)
Warsong Gulch

Phase 4

Green Dragons
Arathi Basin

Phase 5

Ahn Qiraj War Effort begins
Ahn’Qiraj raids open when the war effort dictates
Dungeon loot reconfiguration: Tier 0.5 dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates, and location changes

Phase 6

Scourge Invasion
World PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands

WoW Classic Addons

Nobody is forcing you to use addons for Classic, but for those of you who don’t want to waste their time with searching for every single quest, here’s a list of addons that we previewed throughout Beta:

AtlasLootClassic (Loot Helper) Classic Addon

Azeroth Auto Pilot Classic Addon

IAmAMerchant Classic Addon

ClassicLFG Addon

Details (Damage Meter), Vendor Price, WeekAuras2 Classic

Questie (Classic Quest Helper) Classic Addon

TukUI (Classic User Interface)

WoW Classic AMAs & Interviews

On August 20, Blizzard conducted an AMA on Reddit and we’ve learned more about the intended player cap for dungeons, loot tables, and other sub

WoW Classic Reddit AMA Recap: August 20th

Eurogamer Wow Classic Interview

WoW Classic “Not a Bug List”

Here we have a list of the most common misconceptions. Features that are perceived by players as bugs.

Not a Bug List (Final)

WoW Classic “Fixed Bugs List”

A list of bugs that have been fixed thanks to thousands of detailed bug reports sent by beta and stress testers who provided invaluable feedback over the course of testing!

Fixed Bugs List

Classic Spotlights

Links to articles that cover a variety of Classic topics.


Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

Classic WoW Racials and Passives

Players Form Lines to Complete Quests on Beta

Riding Skill & Cost in Classic WoW

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

It’s almost time for Classic and our content hub has you covered with the latest news and guides!

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