College Professor Holds Student’s Baby During Math Class

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Being a full-time college student with a baby at home is practically an Olympic feat. Between homework, child care, and tuition, it takes a huge amount of dedication to make it to the finish line. And sometimes, you have to get a little creative.

That’s why Wayne Hayer, a student at Morehouse College, decided to bring his baby to class recently. He couldn’t find child care for his 5-month-old, Assata, and he couldn’t afford to miss class with midterms coming up.

Luckily, Wayne had a supportive professor. Dr. Nathan Alexander warmly welcomed Assata to the class.

“Anything I can do to support you, let me know,” he’d told Wayne previously. “That’s what I’m here for as an educator.”

Professor Alexander even offered to hold her while he taught so Wayne could focus on his notes. Amazingly, Assata was calm and well-behaved during the entire lecture.

The photos of this lecture are so touching that Professor Alexander has received praise from thousands of people on Twitter.

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