Compendium of All BFA Dungeon Changes in 8.1

Comment by MaxVV93

on 2018-12-17T09:34:06-06:00

” Mind Rend deals very high initial damage that will one-shot a non-tank on high keys. You used to be able to bait it onto the tank or a survivable melee, but now, it just has a possibly of one-shotting an unsuspecting ranged dps.”r
Funny tho

Comment by ultrakinetic

on 2018-12-17T09:59:31-06:00

Good to know. KR keys looking pretty good now. Shrine keys are even more dead than they already were lol.

Comment by Vendetta8247

on 2018-12-17T10:14:52-06:00

well at least somebody has enough time and space to put the patch notes together…

Comment by deathlavitz

on 2018-12-17T10:49:45-06:00

Dungeon patch notes, that wasn’t so horrible to read.

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