Couple Welcomes ‘One In A Million’ Twins Named Harper And Quinn

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Nicola and Todd Bailey were so excited to welcome their twin daughters into the world. Their 4-year-old son Lucas couldn’t wait to be a big brother.

Nicola gave birth in February 2018. First came Quinn, with her few strands of blonde fuzz atop her tiny head. And 38 minutes later, her twin sister Harper arrived with a beautiful head of brown hair.

But when the doctors took their first look at Harper, they said something that left the elated parents totally confused: “I’m sorry.”

You see, while Harper seemed “normal” in all of her ultrasound scans, it wasn’t until she was born that doctors realized she had a genetic disorder. “All I really remember is the doctor saying ‘I’m sorry,’” Nicola said. “But as soon as I saw them both my heart just melted. They were both so beautiful.”

Despite the surprising diagnosis, Nicola and Todd are absolutely in love with both of their daughters. Meet these adorable sisters in the video below and see why they’re being called the “one in a million” twins.

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