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This cranberry fire roasted cornbread recipe played a starring role in my Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I can’t wait to bring it back for Christmas dinner as well. It’s a definite keeper, and it’s perfect for a holiday meal… especially since it’s easy to make.

The secret is to start with a package of the newest Krusteaz cornbread mix, but I put a twist on the ingredients to give it some extra holiday flair. If you’re entertaining this year, it’s bound to be a favorite!

The sweetness and tang of cranberries adds a pop of flavor and color to the cornbread.

I also added creamed corn to give the cornbread a nice moist texture.

I love working with Krusteaz and experimenting with all the new and classic mixes they create. It doesn’t feel like work at all; it feels like play!

Sprinkle the cheese topping on after baking, slice and serve!

It’s absolutely delicious! And if you have any leftovers, I find they freeze and reheat in the microwave really well.

Cranberry Fire Roasted Cornbread


  • ½
    dried sweetened cranberries
  • ½
    boiling water
  • 1
    large egg
  • 2
  • 1 14 ¾-
    can cream-style corn
  • 1
    package Krusteaz Fire Roasted Cornbread Mix


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Lightly grease 9-inch cast iron skillet, 8×8-in baking pan or 9×9-in baking pan. 

  2. Place cranberries in small bowl and cover with boiling water. Let stand 5 minutes; drain. Set aside. 

  3. Stir together egg, butter, corn and full box cornbread mix until blended. Fold in cranberries. Spoon batter into prepared skillet or pan. 

  4. Bake 20-25 minutes or until light golden brown and set. Sprinkle the seasoned cheese (enclosed in corn bread package) evenly over the baked cornbread.

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