Crash Team Racing remaster is looking very likely

Activision is remastering classic PlayStation kart-’em-up CTR: Crash Team Racing, according to the latest online murmurs.

Firstly, a tweet by PlayStation Access’ Hollie Bennett featuring a set of Crash-coloured dice (as in, the fluffy kind you’d hang in your car for decoration) strongly hints that the crate-bashing marsupial is back for more remastered antics.

‘Sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12,’ says the tweet, suggesting that a reveal at Thursday’s event is on the cards.

Not convinced? Well, Eurogamer also seems to think that the Crash Team Racing remake is definitely happening, and they’re usually spot on with this sort of thing.

Crash Team Racing was originally released on the PSOne back in 1999, and was Naughty Dog’s last Crash game before the series traded creative hands throughout the 2000s. It was actually a pretty decent Mario Kart clone, and gained quite the following among gamers at the time. 

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy sold like hot cakes too, so why the hell not?

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