Crimson Tidestallion is Being Sold by Mrrl Today on EU Servers

Comment by Nikolas90

on 2019-07-10T03:02:02-05:00

Got mine 5 minutes ago! What a feeling! 😀

Comment by Bigglez1995

on 2019-07-10T03:04:43-05:00

This is silly, first it was the exp token, now its the mount. How exactly do you find a “different” phase when the only time you ever phase is at the very beginning where you can’t even see anything.

Comment by TaylahJayne

on 2019-07-10T03:06:32-05:00

Get someone else that has the mount on their phase to invite you, this will allow you to be able to purchase the mount too! 🙂

Comment by bigcammaniac

on 2019-07-10T03:28:17-05:00

Please Blizzard for us in the OCE/NA next 🙂

Comment by Spanky2k

on 2019-07-10T03:28:24-05:00

@Bigglez1995 Just turn horde mode on and it’ll be there. You can turn it off straight after again! 🙂

Comment by DanThePaladin

on 2019-07-10T03:43:35-05:00

Does it stay in the vendor for others even if I buy mine? So I can invite guildies over?

Comment by utopia001

on 2019-07-10T04:01:57-05:00

The mount is NOT here for me as Horde with War Mode ON.r
Same here…checked without war mode…nothing..checked with war mode on, still no mount :/

Comment by Ultreya

on 2019-07-10T04:07:49-05:00

There is plenty of nice people which making groups for murloco and for the mount.. You shouldn’t have a problem to get it 🙂

Comment by asix

on 2019-07-10T04:07:53-05:00

If you donu2019t see the mount and instead Mrrl sells a toolbox of some sort – donu2019t panic, just open up the LFG tool, click on questing and sign up for the first couple of groups, checking Mrrlu2019s wares every time you get phased. I was able to find a phase where he sold the mount in just 2 hops. Donu2019t forget to equip your cloak and gz on the new mount!

Comment by utopia001

on 2019-07-10T04:11:52-05:00

Ok after few tries, to see the mount, you must have the cloak + war mode on; IF the mount doesn’t show up, just server hop, there are many queues up for it 😉 hope it help u all aswell 😉

Comment by Lowlander0031

on 2019-07-10T04:20:22-05:00

got my warmode on and on eu server no mount

Comment by swampers

on 2019-07-10T04:25:07-05:00

When you get it, go buy Budding Deepcoral too, and you can have your underwater mounts usable in Nazjatar too.

Comment by catyaren

on 2019-07-10T05:13:06-05:00

It seems that this doesn’t show if you’ve already done the game + bought the other “secret” item today.

(I know this is probably not news to most people, but there’s been some people in groups who can’t see it)

Comment by Blazingpaw

on 2019-07-10T06:31:12-05:00

Got my seahorsey with warmode on on Magtheridon, that trading was kinda fun aspect to do 🙂

Comment by Yina

on 2019-07-10T06:41:35-05:00

I could only see the mount when I had WM on, and when it was off, he offered the toolbox.

Comment by renarde

on 2019-07-10T07:07:35-05:00

I just hopped about 10 times and still no mount…

Comment by Frankiyo

on 2019-07-10T07:32:31-05:00

I love Blizzard.r
It looks like some people can see the mount, and some other people cant see it? Haha. Thats how it should work. LOL.

Comment by Graysmith

on 2019-07-10T08:21:43-05:00

This needs to be hotfixed. It shouldn’t depend on what mode you’re in or what server you’re on. The vendor should offer the same item across the board.

Comment by Ziboo

on 2019-07-10T08:31:13-05:00

After the last “It’s for sale” and playing that silly trading game/buying all the items to find it was an accident/pulled – no thanks. Totally lost my taste for wanting this mount.

Especially as Blizzard’s CS was ZERO help. I was basically told to go talk about it on the forums – what?

Fool me once. As much as I love collecting stuff going to skip this one at least for the next few cycles of it being for sale. Have to let this nasty CS incompetence taste get out of my mouth!

Just re-read the post for this with the RED type – so it’s the craptastic phasing/sharding/layering that has screwed up that zone so badly and the mount? Even Customer Service didn’t know about this as they gave me all the “gee wish we could help, but our hands are tied platitudes.

Got flying a week ago and haven’t had much desire to go back to Nazjatar (as friends call in Nastyjar) or the place you won’t to rage quit WoW over. Mechadon zone works really well. The team/lead that did Naz – well back to school for them.

Comment by Magnognomus

on 2019-07-10T08:48:48-05:00

I start to give up on wow. Blizz makes unnecessarily complicated things lately. It is no longer fun. Like you could get contract for scribers at honor level now blizz changed it to reverd. Nope not going to happen, farmed out fly on one toon already. The grindfest goes to epic level in this xpack. I’m not crying about like flying. Check it if you a scriber how do you will level to get the latest trinket recipe? With a single hands off item for like 50 new ink / piece. It is insane. Now this phase %^&*. No thank you. Lates patch yesterday: normal raid, mythic dungeon and I don’t bother any of them, so ended up getting a single world boss. Thank you for nothing.

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