Crock Pots, and Other Reasons for Living

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30 Minus 2 Days of Writing Challenge
Day 19: Tastes Like Chicken

crock potHow have I lived, lo these many years, without the knowledge and power of the wonder that is the slow cooker, the almighty Crock Pot?

I have fought and fought and fought some more with various protein animal products with less than zero success and ultimately limited my repertoire because most meat comes out hard and dry and yucky and blecky and other similar adjectives and I figured I just didn’t have the knack for it and recently came to realize you all have been cheating. Consider yourselves on my poop list.

And never have I been more happy to cheat than through the discovery of this cook’s best friend. Oh my lord, the tender fall apart heaven that comes out of these things six to eight hours later. I’m cooking again with gusto and beef broth and low heat and Pinterest.

crock pot, bbq pork

And I’ve been cooking everything now, from the oxymoronic pork butt shoulder, to neighborhood stray cats to local road kill (because eating local means organic and pesticide-free and you know where it came from and who knew skunk could be fall-apart scrumptious?).

crock pot, shredded pork

And don’t get me started on all variations of backyard snakes. Those slithering nuggets of deliciousnessability.

I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell about this culinary magic before. Shame on you.



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