Crucible of Storms M Race Day 5: 33%, 3 Perspectives – News

We’re getting into the grind now in Crucible of Storms, as 19 guilds have downed half the raid, aka the Restless Cabal. The Asian guilds joined the fold as well, with 6 of them on 1/2 already. We also have some progress perspectives to look at on Uu’nat, with Method getting the boss down to 46%, vodkaz to 67% and Exorsus 62%.

The longer that the guilds progress on Uu’nat the less significant Pieces 6-ish hour lead is, but since we don’t now how far they’ve progressed it’s difficult to say. Certain guilds simply do better on certain bosses, whether it’s related to their strategy or raid composition/available classes and specs, but considering how far ahead Pieces were on Cabal, it’s still safe to assume they’re doing well on Uu’nat as well.

Of the new entries to the 1/2, Cabal dead guilds we have Honestly from Oceanic servers in 10th place, followed by 6 Asia server guilds in Skyline, Chao Jie, Alpha, Jitianhong, Ding Xin and AFK R. Rounding out the 19 total guilds that have passed the Cabal gate and are now progressing on Uu’nat we have three from the EU with Halcyon, Wiping as Intended and ScrubBusters all on 1/2.

Next we’re going to be looking at several guilds’ best tries at the final boss so far to get a better view of how they’re doing, but let’s start with Method since they’re the furthest along of the streaming guilds. The actual “best try %” is a little bit hazy here, as the boss heals when things go bad, so while it’s not the % at which the try finished, Method (and others) count the lowest % they managed to get the boss to before they started to wipe. The best try so far saw Uu’nat at 46%, with Method being quite a bit ahead of the other streaming guilds (16% ahead of Exorsus’ best, 21% ahead of vodkaz’).

The actual lowest % happens at 12:29, but you have to squint a bit as the boss is moving around a lot and Sco is busy with other things.

Then we have vodkaz 67% try:

And finally, since you’ve now warmed up to the fight and hopefully know generally what’s happening, we can take a look at Exorsus’ 62% attempt, as it’s all in Russian:

As we saw yesterday, Uu’nat got some slight nerfs, but it remains to be seen if even more are needed for him to be killable. When comparing timings with the previous raid, it gets a bit spooky, considering how wildly different the raids are (2 bosses vs 9, the very hard first boss in Crucible, Jaina’s 5% retreat etc), as Method hit 46.7% late Friday on Jaina, almost exactly the same as they did on Uu’nat now. It seems Blizzard was right on the money when they compared Uu’nat to Jaina’s difficulty, at least for now. We also didn’t know how much progress Limit was on at the time, the same as we don’t know Pieces’ now. Cosmic coincidence! The Void Lords are probably involved.

The next few days will probably be slow, as as Asian guilds catch up and the current top push little by little. Whether Uu’nat will require the next reset’s worth of gear or even some nerfs remains to be seen.

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