Dad Builds His Daughter Her Dream Princess Bed By Hand

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Brandon Taylor found himself building his 8-year-old daughter a princess bed after she begged him for one that was too expensive.

“She sent me a picture of a bed that she liked that cost approximately $3,200 and another $500 for shipping,” Brandon told Love What Matters. Sadly, the family couldn’t afford that.

Despite not being a master carpenter, he didn’t want to let his little girl down.

“After telling her that she would not be able to get the bed because it was too expensive, she was crushed,” he said. “A few seconds later, she looked up at me and said, ‘Well can you make me one?’” Like any great dad, he agreed!

Brandon then set out to make his daughter a replica of the expensive pink princess bed she wanted.

Keep scrolling to see how the bed came to be and the final product.

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Photos: Facebook 1, 2 / Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor told his 8-year-old daughter that he’d be buying her a new bed.

The little girl decided to check online and let her dad know exactly which bed she wanted.

After seeing the price, the dad agreed to build her one instead.

“Even though I am not a carpenter by trade, I enjoy taking on home improvement projects and customizing my truck and motorcycle,” Brandon said. “I have remodeled complete kitchens and bathrooms, so I guess she figured that building a bed would be a breeze for her dad!”

Brandon and his wife shopped for lumber and all the materials he’d need for the bed, which he started on January 9, 2018.

The dad got to work recreating the bed and posted photos to his Facebook along the way.

Brandon used items found at a local hardware and fabric store to make the bed.

It took him just about 10 days to complete the project for his daughter.

“My daughter is a great kid, straight A’s, polite, well mannered, loves cheerleading and dance, and never gets in trouble at school,” he explained. “There was no way that I could tell that sweet little face ‘No.’”

Brandon uploaded photos and video to his Facebook page to show his friends and family what he was doing. However, thousands of people ended up seeing the post.

“I decided to share a post on Facebook about this new project that I was doing when we began. I was only expecting a few likes,” the dad said about the bed.

Since uploading photos and video, he’s received over 24,000 shares and 12,000 likes!

The most beautiful part of the bed was the magnificent headboard. Donald was able to almost identically match it to the $3,200 bed his daughter originally wanted.

People all over the world were amazed by his handiwork and have been bombarding the dad with requests.

However, he said his family is also asking for new bedroom items.

“My next project will be a bed for my oldest daughter,” he shared. “She has already submitted her request for a bed and custom mirror with pictures.”

Brandon’s daughter is absolutely in love with her brand new bed — which cost a fraction of the price of the one she found online.

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