Dad Comforts Crying Toddler With A Hug

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Like many children, my feelings were easily hurt when I was younger. If my friends said anything bad about me, I took it personally. And to deal with those emotions and that insecurity, I cried. I needed someone to tell me they were wrong, and often turned to my parents for comfort.

Parents know how to make their children realize that, while they’re not perfect, they are stronger than they know. Words are just words, and they can’t hurt us unless we let them.

One dad knew how to comfort his crying 2-year-old daughter when she left school in tears.

Pop Vazquez had a camera in his car rolling when his toddler, Tiara, had a meltdown. She was tired of her friends calling her “bad,” so the dad told her to stop crying and tell him what happened. 

Through her tears, the toddler doesn’t manage to tell him exactly what she’s feeling or what’s going on, but the dad’s intuition and instinct kicked in: all she needed to feel better was a hug!

Pop picks his little girl up and embraces her, and she stops crying. Now, the sweet clip has been viewed thousands of times, and it’s touching hearts of strangers everywhere!

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