Dad Thinks Of Creative Ways To Give His Kids Cash

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Many people may think that giving cash as a present is boring or uncreative. But one dad has proven that it can be super entertaining!

For Christmas in 2017, this dad gave his four kids $100 each. Instead of putting the cash inside a card, however, he thought of four unique ways to present the money to each of them.

For one daughter, he taped the cash together and put it inside a tissue box so that she had to pull each individual bill out — like a magic trick. Another daughter received a black umbrella for a present, but when she opened it, money was hanging inside.

His next daughter was given a pizza box, and when she opened it, the money was fanned out inside — there was even a note saying it was gluten-free.

The dad gave his son a white foam container with a huge brick of ice inside. Frozen in the ice was $100. “I got you some cold, hard cash,” the dad laughed.

All of the kids were in stitches over their dad’s ingenious ways of gifting them money.

As someone who always asks for cash for Christmas and birthdays, I’d laugh so hard if my family members tried out one of these over-the-top ways of giving me money.

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