Dad’s Angry When Teen Gets Tattoo But It’s Not The Worst Part

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In the midst of a custody battle, an Ohio dad named Jerrod dropped off his son at the local flea market for weekend custody. While inside, he spotted his 14-year-old daughter sitting in a tattoo parlor after having gotten a tattoo.

Jerrod never gave his daughter permission to get inked, so he was immediately angry. But the worst part came when he realized what was actually written on the tattoo.

The tattoo, which was on the teenager’s ankle, showed a big cross with “Mitchie Poo” etched above and below the image.

Mitch was the name of Jerrod’s ex-wife’s boyfriend at the time. Say what?!

Jerrod was, understandably, absolutely stunned. Things got so heated in the parlor shop that security had to escort him outside.

Though it was unclear why his daughter had her mom’s boyfriend’s name tattooed on her ankle, it was creepy to the concerned father nonetheless.

Ohio state law requires only one parent give consent for a minor to get a tattoo, but Jerrod was still so upset and maddened by the discovery that he reached out to his local news with legal questions.

“Legality aside, this is an issue of morals,” says one YouTube commenter. “You do’t put names on minors unless its a memorial.”

Hear from Jerrod in the video below, and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.

Footage provided by WCPO Cincinnati

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