Darkmoon Faire July 2019 – Use 10% Reputation Buff for Rise of Azshara Factions

Comment by roumi96

on 2019-07-07T04:21:42-05:00

I need 1300 more rep with Nazjatar.r
With the Darkmoon Faire buff and the contract, Iu2019ll get flying today.

Comment by Lolus

on 2019-07-07T05:02:23-05:00

1200, would need 100 WQs to get today, hehe.

Comment by Brovori

on 2019-07-07T06:04:36-05:00

to help you grind out reputation for the new factions addd in Rise of Azshara.r
Spelling mistake in this sentence.

Comment by Isillin

on 2019-07-07T06:34:49-05:00

The roller-coaster still goes backwards though 🙁

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