DayZ’s creative director is parting ways with Bohemia Interactive

The creative director on zombie survival title DayZ has announced he’s leaving Bohemia Interactive.

Brian Hicks has been with the studio for five years now, though speaking in an update on DayZ’s website, he revealed that he feels the game has reached a point where he is ‘no longer needed,’ having taken ‘more and more of a back seat’ on the game over the past year or so.

He’s recently been pushing for other members of the team to take the game to the next level as it approaches a full release.

‘Peter Nespešný and the design team have a rock-solid grasp of what DayZ is, and what it needs to be. All of our systems have been discussed, documented, and discussed again,’ he commented.

Hicks has said he now plans to return to the US and spending time with his family, though he still intends to put as much time into DayZ as possible, including making good on his promise to do a 24-hour stream when the game his version 1.0.

Back in 2014, another key member of the DayZ team, creator Dean Hall, departed Bohemia to form his own studio called RocketWerkz.

DayZ is expected to shamble into version 1.0 at some point this year, having been in Early Access since December 2013. 

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