Dear White House Sinkhole, You Good?

Last week, we learned there is a sinkhole forming on the lawn of the White House. I’m just here to inquire about its wellbeing.

Dear Sinkhole,

Hey big head. So sorry I didn’t come and visit but I’m allergic to places where fascism gets written into law. But listen, now that you’re here, I’m just checking in to see how you are.

Last week, you were but a small hole in the ground.

Photo by @W7VOA

I don’t know your process or what the next steps in your development are, but I’m here to encourage you to be who you were born to be. Who are you to play small? Who are you to dim your greatness? Grow and spread as you wish. I am rooting for you, because I really see the potential in you. I see your value, and even though people will try to discourage you, know that I am cheering for you and we got your back.

I included you in my prayers this morning, asking God to expand your territory like he did Father Abraham. I asked that you are able to see your purpose through, and that any enemies of your progress are removed from your path.

What do you need from us to be the best version of yourself, Sinkhole? I could write you a poem. Do we need to sing you love songs? Wanna watch a few TED talks? I recommend mine, Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable. Because to be the best us we can be, we need to STRETCH. You need to STRETCH. Really maximize your presence. Don’t shy away from taking up more space or more room.

you got this

Always on your side,


P.S. Feel free to send this over to your cousin at the Mar-A-Lago. In case they need encouragement too.

Update: DAMBIT! Apparently, they fixed the sinkhole yesterday. I was too late. 😭😭 But maybe I’m not. The resilience of sinkholes is real. We just gon need to intensify our prayers. Maybe add a fast to it.

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