DEMO 1984 Digital Board Game [Download]

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This is the free demo version of the 1984 Digital Board Game. The 1984 Digital Board Game is a review game based on George Orwell’s classic novel. It was made by teachers for teachers as a review tool for the classroom. It can be used for two to six teams and keeps score automatically. Highly engaging and competitive game play as teams answer questions and sabotage other teams. Includes over one hundred and fifty vocabulary, true false and multiple choice questions from the text as well as music and sound effects as teams take turns. Game can be played with the SmartBoard, Promethean Board or PC. Game features original drawings of icons and symbols from the text and is adaptable with variable teams and game length as well as a save and load feature to continue game at later date.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista]
  • Processor:   PentiumPC
  • RAM:   64MB
  • Hard Disk:   16MB
  • Video Card:   DirectX Compatible

Over a hundred and fifty review questions from the novel
Adaptable for classroom use (number of teams & game length)
Designed specifically for SmartBoard and Promethean Board
Highly engaging classroom review activity
Free Trial Version


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