Destiny 2 weekly reset for February 13, 2018 detailed

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Bungie’s spreading the Destiny 2 love with the release of the rose-scented Crimson Days event, plus the usual batch of Milestones to tackle as part of the game’s weekly reset.

Those of you looking to hoover up some new Engrams today (presumably while you wait for that romantic meal to cook) can check out the Nightfall Strike, which comes in the shape of The Pyramidion complete with modifiers Torrent and Timewarp: Zero Hour. Challenges include Speed of Dark, Unbroken, and Siege Engine.

Meanwhile, the Flashpoint has you visiting the European Dead Zone to complete Public Events, while Meditations tasks you with revisiting the missions Fury and Payback. Don’t forget to hit up Lord Shaxx to add his Milestone to your ‘to do’ list while you’re at it.

Keep in mind that you should also invest in Cayde-6’s treasure maps if you have the spare Glimmer, since you can grab the extra loot while taking part in the weekly Flashpoint. Crimson Days is available for one week, so make the most of it while you can, especially if your other half also happens to enjoy shooting aliens in the face. 

Bungie recently confirmed a slew of major content plans for its shared-world shooter, the first of which will drop later this month and will apply some key changes to the game’s Nightfall Strike. We’re also promised a third expansion for Destiny 2 later this year.

Alice was rather taken with Destiny 2 when it shipped for PS4 and Xbox One back in September 2017, although noted the grind can be a bit of a drag. 

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