Detective Pikachu movie props spotted in the wild

If like us you’re still swooning over the fact Dead Pool Ryan Reynolds is voicing Pikachu in the upcoming movie adaptation of Detective Pikachu, then you’ll be chuffed to know that someone has taken a few cheeky snaps of some props from the film’s London-based set.

Twitter user @howardbud did a bit of super sleuthing of his own while walking around the city, stumbling across some interesting props including a logo for the Ryme City Police Department and a bunch of ‘Missing’ posters among other goodies. 

Have a gander at the photos below.

Detective Pikachu will be hitting cinemas in May 2019, and is based on the oddball 3DS title of the same name. The good news is you’ll be able to play the game for yourself soon enough, as Nintendo will be bringing Detective Pikachu to the US and UK on March 23. 

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