Developer Update Q/A Roundup


Game Director Alan Dabiri and Lead Designer Matt Cooper sat down with Kevin Johnson to chat about what’s coming to Heroes of the Storm in 2018.

Content in 2018

  • Expect a more linear release anatomy in 2018. Hero reworks, new battlegrounds and skins will be spread out. The Tyrael rework that dropped with MECHA skins was really successful and stood on its own, independently from the Blaze release.


  • Two standalone Hero reworks are coming soon!

    • First up is Medivh. It’s a really fun character to rework.

      • They want to have The Master's TouchThe Master’s Touch baseline, because it’s core to his playstyle. 
      • Force of WillForce of Will will also heal a bit.
    • The next Hero is Sonya. While Blizzard likes her playstyle, they want to take a look at talents that do not get picked often. No major tweaks are planned for the Hero.

      •  Shattered GroundShattered Ground now drastically increase how far the splash is, making it great for harassing players in lane.
  • A lot of different variables come into play when picking Heroes for reworks – talents, two viable Heroics, current place in the meta, etc. It all comes down to a Hero’s kit.
  • Lunara is another character they’re looking at. They’ve heard a lot of feedback about her WispWisp.
  • They want to start releasing mini spotlights for Hero reworks to talk about changes for visibility, because they want to support standalone Hero reworks as much as they can.
  • The team is still hard at work with Hanamura.

    • They are testing out the map to have a single neutral payload that’s spawning in the center of the battleground.
    • The payload now deals directly damage to Structures, and the Core can be attacked.
  • No major reworks are planned for other battlegrounds, just some small tweaks.

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