Dog Flies With Balloons To Help With Gender Reveal

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When Brooke Holton got pregnant, she knew she wanted her beloved pup, Coco, to be a part of this new era of her life. So, she decided to make Coco the most important part of her special gender reveal.

In the video below, which was partially taken at Brooke’s gender reveal, Coco descends from a balcony inside a makeshift “hot air balloon” (though hot air wasn’t actually used). The party waits impatiently for Coco to reach the ground before they can read the note pasted to her basket: “I’m having a sister!”

Just behind Coco, a ton of pink balloons fall from the balcony as well, showering everyone on the ground — including an ecstatic Brooke.

I think this is such a precious way to include a dog in a gender reveal. As the sign on Coco’s basket shows, Coco is just as much a part of the family as her new sister is, so it’s special that she gets to be involved from the beginning.

Although Coco’s dramatic descent does look a little heart-stopping, Brooke told Inside Edition in the video below that the pup was more than happy with it. In fact, Brooke says Coco didn’t even want to get out of the basket when they practiced for the first time!

What do you think of this pup-friendly gender reveal?

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Photos: CBS — Inside Edition

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