Doing These 4 Things Will Absolutely Transform Your Year | Soul Care

Every human body is created to crave food and water, an insatiable drive that helps our bodies survive on this planet. But as humans we are more than simply bones and sinews, skin and muscle. We have a soul, that inner part of us that will never show up on a doctor’s machine but makes us ‘us.’ It’s our personality, our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes. As humans, just as our bodies are created to crave food and water, our souls are created to crave things as well, but they go far beyond nutritional sustenance. Every human soul wants to know God, to find freedom, to discover purpose and to make a difference.

But how do you go about satisfying those four critical desires that every human soul has? It’s a lot simpler to understand how to maintain your physical health. Everyone understands that to transform your body, you need to start eating better and start exercising more. As important as transforming your body is, transforming your soul is even more vital. Yet most struggle with forming into words what their soul craves, much less how to satisfy those cravings. For your year to be transformed for the better, it’s vital not just to have knowledge but follow through (for instance, knowing you need to exercise is one thing, but getting up an hour early three days a week to go running is something entirely different). This article will help you identify not just four primary cravings every human soul has (to know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference) but how to practically follow through with each of those longings. Doing these four things will absolutely transform your year.

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