Dying Light: The Following Ups The Difficulty With The New Nightmare Mode

Original: https://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2016/01/26/dying-light-the-following-ups-the-difficulty-with-the-new-nightmare-mode.aspx

Dying Light's upcoming The Following DLC has all kinds of additions, and a new one was revealed today – a new difficulty.

Nightmare Mode has longer nights, stronger enemies, stamina and XP restrictions, and no more Easter egg weapons. There are a few other tweaks the the game to make it harder (and more rewarding) and you can learn about them in the video below.

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The Following will be available to those who own the base game on
February 9 for $20. You can also pick it up as a part of the Dying
Light: The Following Enhanced Edition. To learn more about Dying Light,
you can read our review. To learn more about Dying Light's free Enhanced Edition upgrade, head here.

To see us play some of the DLC's early missions, head here for an early look in our Test Chamber video.

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