Earn Up to 75% Bonus Reputation This Week in WoW

Comment by Brolomax

on 2019-11-07T03:27:29-06:00

I think you got the Geist costume mixed up with the anniversary buff

Comment by sad787

on 2019-11-07T03:33:56-06:00

You can also get extra 10% experience from the Draught of Ten Lands for alts

Comment by lovelywaz

on 2019-11-07T03:49:04-06:00

Mechagone “Daily” that usually gives 850 is affected by bonus rep week unlike other emissaries since its considered a WQ and not emissary. You can get some crazy Mechagone rep this week with all these buffs. Go nuts and bolts! ud83dude01

Comment by Marlowe88

on 2019-11-07T03:51:07-06:00

Dats some big news! Time to finally got my reps for flying mount 🙂

Comment by Grimhar

on 2019-11-07T03:54:33-06:00

And also Diplomacy for another 10% of Reputation Bonus

Comment by CommanderF

on 2019-11-07T04:16:26-06:00

I finally got my flying today thanks to this combo)

Comment by Daillemand

on 2019-11-07T04:51:44-06:00

Dammit I need to format my computer

Comment by Cr00xY

on 2019-11-07T05:25:57-06:00

They should make DMF buff work the same way this year’s anniversary buff works (permanent during the event only)

Comment by Lemistio

on 2019-11-07T05:30:21-06:00

I should work for Bloodsails

Comment by Frejakp

on 2019-11-07T06:47:10-06:00

Woop woop, thatu2019s some Big news!

Comment by PaideiaDK

on 2019-11-07T06:49:59-06:00

I’m working with a 50% increase in the Insane rep grind atm..r
15% from anniversary eventr
10% from humanr
10% from Darkmoon Fairer
15% from banner

Comment by cgilm2526

on 2019-11-07T07:06:45-06:00

And the buffs do work with the Hiv/Harvester rep.

Comment by Alexjohnson

on 2019-11-07T07:11:28-06:00

I’m operating with an 80% rise in the Insane rep drudgery atm. rhinodubai.net

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