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Looking for a fresh appetizer idea?
Try using P.F. Chang’s crowd favorite  
Chicken Mini Egg Rolls and
kick them up a notch by topping them with a slice of fresh avocado!
They come with a yummy sauce that I drizzled over –
My kids were going gaga over how good they looked!

I wanted to give you guys an easy and delicious appetizer idea to use at an
upcoming Holiday get together OR even as a fun dinner option with your crew.
There’s something about mini food that always gets my kids excited to eat it.
I was craving avocados for weeks and this sounded so good. It didn’t disappoint either!
This was what I dreamt up for a light dinner and it was a hit.
A fast prep – easy dinner…that’s delicious?? YES PLEASE.

Prepare the Mini Chicken egg rolls as directed on the box.
While they cook, slice up your avocado.
Pull the egg rolls out and let them sit one minute and then top with avocado
and drizzle with duck sauce!

If you are serving adults, or have children that wouldn’t use toothpicks as mini swords…
you could for sure make these egg rolls a little more festive by using a party toothpick!
They’ll be almost too pretty to eat.

I grabbed the P.F. Chang’s  Chicken Mini Egg Rolls at my local Target.
I saw avocados and I was out the door with a dinner plan!
Well, after I looked at the bargain bins… And the Halloween section…
And the jackets for Sophia…
YOU KNOW how it is shopping there. 😉
BUT I loved that I could grab this yummy and easy dinner option where I already was.
Walmart also had this brand, but not the egg rolls. They had some yummy noodle options!
Maybe you have a party coming up and need something unique and tasty to serve… TRY IT!

Actually, you should probably get them for dinner one night too… To taste test. 😉

I’m on the Cool Food Panel and love sharing ideas like this one with you guys!
You should give this yummy appetizer a try and be sure to
check out EasyHomeMeals.com for even more ideas!

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