Easy Ways To Heart Your Planet

Easy Ways to Heart Your Planet

Go green, there is no Planet B, every little bit counts, make a difference, you have to start somewhere, make conservation a habit. Sometimes I think we hear these environmental catch phrases so often, we don’t even really hear them anymore. I’m sure I tune them out as much as everyone else does. It makes me sad.

The reality is that we don’t really want to change the way we live to make a difference. We want the convenience of things we probably could do without — like getting a fresh slew of plastic shopping bags from the grocery store every time we shop instead of bringing our own. (In my case, I like them for cat litter box clean-up but if it weren’t for that, I’m sure I’d justify it with some other reason.)

So what do we do? We learn to be conscious in the midst of our consumerism because that’s not difficult.

Easy Ways to Heart Your Planet even if you want the convenience of things you could probably do without. Teach yourself to be conscious.

Be conscious of your use of disposable paper products. 

I’ll be the first to say that I love disposable products. I appreciate the convenience more than I can say and the ability to throw away the dirty whatever-it-is the instant I’m done using it is a relief. However, I’ve found ways to be more responsible with my usage.

Toilet paper – TP is a paper product we simply can’t avoid using but try folding it instead of crinkling and scrunching. It wasn’t until last year that I figured this out. The same amount of TP goes a longer way when you fold because you have more surface contact. Honestly, try it. Scrunching is a hard habit to break (and let’s be honest, it’s QUICK) but you’ll actually need to use less toilet paper when you fold.

Paper Towel – Choose the rolls with smaller sheets so that you can use the minimum amount of paper per use. I’ve always been one to tear a whole sheet in half anyhow, but I noticed my boyfriend and son were using a full sheet for the tiniest jobs and then throwing away a 75% unused paper towel. Not on my watch! The choose-a-size ensures the least amount of waste.

Facial tissue – I consider Kleenex a must-have, but try using a handkerchief sometimes. They’re soft and dry out quickly, making them easily reusable.

Support brands that support responsible forestry. Look for the Heart Your Planet and FSC logos on your products.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo is your assurance that the product has been made with wood from responsibly managed forests around the globe, so take a stand and stop buying products that don’t have the certification.

Some brands are going even further to show their commitment to environmental responsibility. The Kimberly-Clark family of products which include Scott, Cottonelle, Viva and Kleenex not only have the FSC label but are part of a partnership with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to increase awareness of responsible forestry. If we protect our forests, they will be there for generations to come.

You can support the World Wildlife Federation and purchase these Kimberly-Clark products at Amazon and save up to $2.50. You can also save up to 15% when you take advantage of Subscribe & Save! 

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