EasyCashClub – Your entry to internet riches

EasyCashClub – Your entry to internet riches

[ EasyCashClub – Your entry to internet riches

Before the countdown that you see below reaches zero, I’m going to show you how a brand new tool that will help you make money online.

Within a few clicks of the button, you’re going to see live, how it makes me money in just a few minutes.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take a lot of your time up, works, is legal, is NOT a fad or something that may work today, but not tomorrow, then this could be the perfect fit for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT expert, or a 72 year old grandmother with no computer experience – this can work for ANYONE!

Now if you too want to make money online easily just like me, then I’ve got good news. As long as you keep reading this presentation and while we still have licenses available, I’m going to give you access to this amazing 60 second money making tool absolutely FREE! Just keep watching and find out how.

So what is this method all about? In short it’s about piggy-backing off the free traffic on video sites such as YouTube.

But, that is only part of the money you make. You also make money from links you place near the bottom of the video:

Any time someone who sees your video clicks on one of those links, and either buys or signs up for something through it, you’ll also make money. Cool, huh? Just assume that about 1 person for every 1000 people who view your video sign up for something.

I thought so too, which is how I got started in this. I was ready to start making videos, and to start making tons of money. Unfortunately, I soon realized it’s a lot harder than I thought.

You see, most of these YouTube stars can only produce one or two videos per week. They needed a lot of know-how and experience to create these videos, often times they were very good looking people, spoke well and were masters at editing the video footage.

Adding in cool video effects, sounds and much more… and don’t even get me started on how expensive the cameras, editing tool, microphones etc are either. Plus, they need to constantly do research and look for what’s “trending” so that their videos will get lots of traffic and views…

This was starting to sound like something that was “NOT EASY”.
Because I didn’t have endless hours a day to constantly make videos about the trending topics of the day and then shoot, compile, edit then upload the videos…

But you know what? I could build tool that could. You see, I was a computer programmer by trade and my specialty was in the field of AI (artificial intelligence). I could build AI tool that would integrate automated human activated voice over related synthesis technology (don’t worry if that sounds complicated, basically, it is just a way to have human sounding speech from a computer, auto-generated), to provide the commentary and voice overs…

This tool would then take any type of written text, or audio file, and turns it into a YouTube ready video, complete with pictures, without me to do any real “work” on my part…

If you’ve ever seen YouTube videos in the past, chances are you’ve seen one of my videos and didn’t even realize it. I have thousands of them now on hundreds of different topics, each one of them generating me money, every day – some more than others. These videos do not have impressive graphics, editing or clever sound effects.

It’s just an AI human sounding voice, with images; talking about whatever particular topic you make the video about. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or be the best looking video to make money. It just has to be about a popular topic to get people to view it.

Check out what you can do with this app!

After I started creating videos and uploading them to YouTube, after a short amount of time, my “channel” the place where I upload my videos to, started getting “followers”. I felt like a real life rockstar getting “fans”!

It was at this point I quit my job, and I knew I was going to be rich.

Now, since you’ve listened to what I’ve had to say for this long, I’m going to walk you through just how easy my tool makes creating these videos, and how easy it is to make money from it.

First, you select which AI voice you’d like to narrate your video.

Simply select the text you’d like the AI voice to speak during the video. This text can literally be anything. An article from a website. A scary ghost story you found online. A recipe for Fried Chicken. Whatever topic you want to create the video about. In this case, we’ll upload some text about a recipe to make fried chicken.

Then you just click the next button in the tool.

Here, we’ll add some images to the video. Maybe some images of the ingredients, images of a kitchen, and the final image of the fried chicken. Don’t worry either, our tool can upload images for you to use for your videos. After you line up where you want your images to appear in the video, you simply click the next button, and download the video. Now, you’re almost done! From here, you simply need to open an account with YouTube. After this, you’ll need to sign up for Google AdSense. They are the ones that allow you to make money with your YouTube videos.

There are a few other quick steps, but skipping right to the part where we upload the video, you’ll see you can customize what kind of text appears beneath your YouTube video. This is very important, because when someone searches in YouTube, it references the text you have to help find your video.

This is also where you can upload affiliate links so you can make additional money. I’m linking to some places people can buy ingredients to make this delicious recipe. I’ll make money if they buy any of these ingredients online.

Next, once the video is uploaded as long as you follow our secret steps you’re going to get free video views and start making money online!

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EasyCashClub – Your entry to internet riches


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