Echoes of Alterac: Hammer of the Naaru Giveaway


Blizzard’s giving away a life-sized version of Yrel’s Hammer of the Naaru on Instagram!

How to Participate

1. Follow BlizzHeroes on Instagram.

2. Like and comment the giveaway post.

3. The giveaway ends on July 12, 11:59PM PDT.

Did You Know?

Hammer of the NaaruHammer of the Naaru in World of Warcraft drops from High King Maulgar in Gruul’s Lair. The raid consists of two bosses and is located in Blade’s Edge Mountains (Outland).

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The newest Hero in the Nexus, Yrel, is a fierce Warrior who protects her allies by controlling the battlefield with her powerful Hammer of the Naaru. In celebration of Echoes of Alterac, we’re giving you a chance to wield the hammer for yourself.
So, how can you win it?


The giveaway starts on June 28, 12:00 AM PDT and ends on July 12, 11:59PM PDT.

  • Read the rules to make sure you’re elligible for this giveaway.
  • To participate, you first have to follow Heroes of the Storm on Instagram
  • Then, “Like” the official contest post to enter . . .
  • . . . and we’ll contact you if you’ve won!


  • The hammer is big: approximately six feet tall, and it comes with its own display stand. Make sure to clear out some space for it!
  • It may be huge, but don’t worry—it’s light enough to carry! Please keep the righteous vanquishing of your enemies in the Nexus, though.
  • In the Warcraft universe, the hammer previously belonged to Vindicator Maraad. After his death against Blackhand, Yrel used his hammer against the Iron Horde as a champion of the Light.

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