Elegant Party Snacks With Dynamic Flavor

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Although I thoroughly enjoy throwing parties where I serve chips, pretzels and cheese puffs, there are times when more elegant party snacks are appropriate. For instance, when I’m serving wine… I just don’t think tortilla chips scream “elegance”.  Do you?

Add a touch of elegance to your summer party snacks and a bit of sophistication to your daily routine with the dynamic flavors of Blue Diamond Almonds & Fruit

elegant party snacks

Almonds & Fruit pair the finest California almonds with real fruit pieces and each robustly flavored serving is loaded with nutrients galore. It’s a snack you can feel great about!

elegant party snacks

There are four delectable flavor combinations to choose from including classic combinations like Sea Salt and Whole Blueberry and dynamic favorites like Fiery Ghost Pepper and Tart Cherry – pairings that will satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates.

elegant party snacks

My favorite flavor pairing is the Almonds & Fruit Sea Salt & Whole Blueberry. The sweetness of the blueberries goes beautifully with the saltiness of the almonds!

Almonds & Fruit Sea Salt & Whole Blueberry

Look at those big luscious blueberries!

Almonds & Fruit Sea Salt & Whole Blueberry

But I also love the sweet and spicy combo of the Almonds & Fruit Fiery Ghost Pepper & Tart Cherry. It’s such a unique pairing! The “fiery” is really just a subtle zing – delightful with the sweet tartness of the dried cherries.

Almonds & Fruit Fiery Ghost Pepper and Tart Cherry

All that flavor adds a world of sophistication to your summer gatherings.

How to Serve Elegant Party Snacks

To serve your elegant party snacks, fill some pretty glass bowls with the Almonds & Fruit.

Present some nut spoons so guests can scoop out their new favorite snacks with elegance. 

Mini paper or foil cupcake liners will hold the perfect amount of Almonds & Fruit for your guests.

Decorate with a bouquet or two of fresh flowers. Blossoms always add a bit of class and an inviting fragrance to your home.

Have plenty of Blue Diamond Almonds & Fruit on hand. They’re going to be a party favorite. Guaranteed.

elegant party snacks

You can find the Almonds & Fruit product line at Walmart – super convenient! Plus Walmart shoppers can save even more by using this participating ibotta offer.

elegant party snacks

Do you have any upcoming gatherings where elegant party snacks like Blue Diamond Almonds & Fruit would add the perfect touch of sophistication? 

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