eSports fans can live stream the League of Legends World Championship for free

Strap in eSPorts fans as the League of Legends 2017 World Championship quarter finals are under way and you can watch the live stream for free. 

Over the next four days, eight teams that have been battling for quarter final slots over the past couple of weeks, will compete in a best of five series of games to progress through to the semi-finals scheduled for next week.

Held in China this year, the League of Legends 2017 World Championship is not something many eSports followers can get to, so the Championship matches are being streamed on the official League of Legends eSports site, complete with streams embedded from Twitch and YouTube, making its a free one-stop-shop for League of Legends fans.

The site is also loaded with breakdowns and professional postmortems of the group qualifying stages of the Championships, with flashback videos highlighting some of the most interesting games and results in the early stages. In short, it’s the essential place for people in the League of Legends rather than Dota 2 eSports camp.

There are some major matches scheduled over the next four days, with the likes of Fantic taking on Royal Never Give Up on Saturday, while Team WE will pit their skills against Cloud 9 on Sunday, meaning the coming weekend will be full for League of Legends eSports fanatics.

Once the quarter finals are over, four teams will fight again in another best of five games bout, with the winners then moving on to the finals on November 4. Given the prize pool sits at north of $4m, double that of last year’s Championship, we can expect there to be some serious battling by the top League of Legends teams keen for a slice of that prize fund.

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