Esports teams and players to get revenue from new Rocket League Esports Shop

Rocket League developer Psyonix is opening an Esports Shop that’ll funnel revenue back to esports teams and players. 

The store will open for business on April 16 as part of the Rocket League Esports Shop pilot program (that’s a mouthful), and will feature items like decals, wheels, and player banners representing a variety of teams. 

While teams will likely be keen to appear in the store for marketing reasons, there’s also a financial incentive, as all esports organizations participating in the pilot program will net 30 percent of revenue from related sales.

A portion of revenue from every item sold will also be distributed among players in the North American and European Rocket League Championship Series League Play via a prize pool bonus — irrespective of whether they’re a member of the pilot program. 

Psyonix claims there’ll be opportunities for teams in Oceania and South American to participate in the revenue sharing program further down the line.

The store itself will appear in the Rocket League main menu under ‘shop’ following an update on April 16. It will feature six in-game items each day, which will be purchasable using a new currency called Esports Tokens. 

Those tokens will be sold in packs of 100 ($0.99), 600 ($4.99), 1200 ($9.99), and 2500 ($19.99), and much like the items in the store itself won’t be tradable.

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