Essential Oils to Help Lose Weight l Tips on Using Essential Oils l Essential Oils For Health

When you enter any health-related aisle at the store, you may find a section of essential oils for relaxation, skin care, pain relief, stress and insomnia. When we think of essential oils, we think of dabbing them on our wrists, temples or adding them to a bath to find our Zen. But these natural antibacterial agents and immune strengtheners can do it all. Essential oils are also used to promote weight loss and can decrease cravings, control the appetite and can help regulate our moods. If you’re inquisitive about how this works, aromatherapist Michelle Gagnon at Enfleurage shared about the biochemical response the body has with specific oils. “When you inhale an essential oil, the aromatic molecules travel through the nasal passageways and chemically interact with your brain,” she told Organic Life. You are not going to lose a ton of weight using essential oils, but it could help you drop a few extra pounds and help you detox the body. Since oils are extracted from aromatic plants, they are a natural way to help the body heal and to become healthier. Here are 6 essential oils to help you lose weight.

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