Every WWE Summerslam Main Event, Ranked From Worst To Best

Triple H and former WWE Superstar CM Punk don’t like each other. Both men have been equally candid about this; they’ve given out-of character interviews about their relationship. And one of the funnier anecdotes (and the one that relates to this gallery) was their quibbling over the definition of “main event.”

When Punk complained about never getting to main event WrestleMania, Triple H replied that Punk had main-evented Wrestlemania 29–that there were four main events. Punk responded (correctly) that there’s only one main event; it’s the match that goes on last.

Main eventing a WWE pay-per-view is an honor, because it’s a declaration of faith by the company. They expect the fans to wait, sometimes for over three hours, to watch you perform, and they expect your match to send the fans home happy, and be one of the best outings of the night.

To celebrate the 31st edition of WWE Summerslam this Sunday, August 19, we’re counting down all 30 SummerSlam main events, from worst to best, These are matches that WWE sold its “biggest party of the summer” on. Did they deliver?

Make sure to check out our schedule for Summerslam weekend along with our predictions, And check in with GS Universe starting at 5:00 PM ET on Sunday. We’ll have live coverage of the entire event, starting with the pre-show.

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