Everything we know about Far Cry: New Dawn, plus early screenshots

A new Far Cry has been announced, set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of an America ravaged by a nuclear assault.

What’s the deal with Far Cry: New Dawn?

Far Cry: New Dawn is a Primal-esque standalone sequel: an unnumbered entry into the franchise that reuses Far Cry 5’s Hope County setting, reworked because of the whole nuclear apocalypse thing, to explore new ideas.

We saw similar with Far Cry Primal, and even Far Cry Blood Dragon, both titles which utilised the map and engine of the main numbered entry and had a little fun with it.

This isn’t your regular apocalypse though: years after the fallout from the missiles that heralded the end of Far Cry 5’s campaign, there’s been a ‘superbloom’ which has seen the landscape covered in thick purple flowers. This should mean things look a little different to your usual post-apocalyptic fare, and introduces a vivid colour pallette to the game. Just don’t mention Rage 2…

The map is a little smaller, but you will get to go off map for certain missions with the player visiting the Grand Canyon, Alcatraz and other locations, warped by the nuclear apocalypse, to try and scavenge supplies. These expeditions have an element of randomness to them that should make them replayable.

Talking of replayability, the outposts in Far Cry: New Dawn will eventually be retaken by the Highwaymen, the game’s primary antagonists. If they recapture an outpost they’ll beef up security, giving you a better reward for sacking it a second time.


The Highwaymen are, for want of a better word, bad dudes. They’re led by two twin sisters Lou and Mickey. They’re clad in what looks like scavenged Motocross gear, armour pulled out of a rotting wardrobe rather than military issue.

What’s the story of Far Cry: New Dawn?

Ubisoft describe New Dawn as a ‘new west’ scenario, with your character playing one of many who is coming to the area to try and help rebuild this new frontier. You’re riding a train until, as is now standard in Far Cry games, you’re separated from these pals and left in a hostile environment.

This involves the train being attacked by some heavily armed baddies, who kill a bunch of folk and leave you to look after yourself, teaming up with some other survivors that are rebuilding Hope County to be good eggs.

In a neat touch, these survivors are based in the old Seed Ranch, several families now inhabiting the nightmarish former headquarters of the evil Seed lads.

Who are your pals?

The Heroes/Fangs for Hire system returns, with some new faces. Certified good dog Boomer has, sadly, died in the gap between games, but in his place there’s ultimate shibe Timber, and Boar Horatio. There’s a few humans in there too, Nick from the last game’s daughter Carmina makes an appearance, as does a narcoleptic geriatric sniper called Nana.

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