Exotic Pet Diets Make for Exotic Pet Messes in the House

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Miniature Schnauzer & Hedgehog - ExoticAnimalLover.comThere are people out there who may not realize as an exotic pet owner, your typical problems & issues can be amplified.

Exotic pet owners, in fact, have a vast array of issues you may not imagine attached to the usual concerns of dog & cat owners.

Some animals may be prey to other animals. I had to watch my hedgehog, and keep a look out for eagles, owls and the like, when I brought her outside. Before your very eyes, your loved pet could be an organic snack for some wildlife out there.

Some exotics have the most varied diets which include just as exotic insects, seeds or fruit.

You think it’s hard teaching a dog or a cat to be house trained? Try training a hedgehog, or an iguana, maybe a bird. lol

Now, picture what those “interesting diets” can do to your house when you have an exotic animal as a pet that messes where it pleases.

When it comes to “stuff” on your carpet & upholstery, and you’ve done your best to clean them yourself, call up the professionals.

They can provide you with allergy relief treatments, upholstery & carpet cleaning, upholstery & carpet protection, as well as pet odor removal, mattress cleaning, even tile cleaning…

So, if you need carpet cleaning services, say for instance in the Los Angeles area, you can check out such places as AllPointsCarpetCare.com

You my need them more than you know. You simply can’t see what’s going on underneath that carpet throughout the under-pad too. That can harbor bacteria & germs from pet feces, dander, fur or hair.

Get pet messes out of your rugs, your couch, maybe your hubby’s favorite chair…


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