Family Court Brings Joy To Foster Kids With Birthday Baskets

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Judge David Spurgeon has seen a lot of foster kids walk through his family courtroom. Many of the cases over which he presides center around children who’ve spent years being shuffled from one temporary home to another.

For the past two years, Judge Spurgeon has become a source of comfort for these kids, many of whom struggle to find a sense of stability. “They started bringing me report cards, medals and trophies that they won for an athletic event or pictures from a school play,” he told CBS.

Hoping to show the foster kids that there are people who care about their happiness, Judge Spurgeon came up with his “birthday basket” idea. They can pick whatever presents they want from gift baskets filled with all sorts of gifts, such as headphones, makeup and calculators.

Jessica Hetherington, a local police sergeant, has known Judge Spurgeon for many years. When she heard about his birthday baskets she asked if she could contribute to the gift-giving.

He told her not to worry; he had it covered.

But for the first time ever, Jessica went behind the judge’s back. She started a private Facebook group and instructed everyone to keep her plan a secret from Judge Spurgeon.

Jessica’s sister wanted in on the surprise. So did her sister’s friends.

Before she knew it, Jessica had accumulated so many baskets that it took multiple deputies to transport them back to the courthouse.

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