Fast Vanilla Leveling Guide For Warrior (Classic World of Warcraft)

Fast Vanilla Leveling Guide For Warrior (Classic World of Warcraft)

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Macros in the video:

Start attack macro with HS:
/script if not IsCurrentAction(60) then UseAction(60) end;
/cast Heroic Strike
(Place the attack button on action button 60)

Stance dance with weapon swap
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Battle Stance
/script UseContainerItem(0, 1);
/script UseContainerItem(0, 2);
/script UseContainerItem(0,1);
/script UseInventoryItem(16);
/script UseContainerItem(0,2);
/script UseInventoryItem(17)
(Put your weapons in the top left corner of your bag)

Automatic stance dance with ability:
/run local texture,name,isActive,isCastable = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(1); if isActive then CastSpellByName(“Charge”); else CastSpellByName(“Battle Stance()”); end;
(Swap the stance name and ability name for other macros)

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