Finding the Crest of the Knowledge – Questing in 7.3 Argus Part 3

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The third questing zone in Patch 7.3 has opened for testing.

As this is a PTR post, general spoiler warning that it will reveal upcoming parts of the storyline.

To learn more about the Argus storyline, check out our Argus Part 1 Playthrough, Argus Part 2 Playthrough, Analysis of the Antorus, The Burning Throne Dialogue and Patch 7.3 Datamined NPC Dialogue articles.

Back to the Conservatory

We Have a Problem – Travel to the Conservatory of the Arcane.
Wrath of the High Exarch – Take down the Legion forces are in the way between you and Velen.
Overt Ops – Locate Captain Fareeya’s soldiers (Baraat the Longshot, Grand Vindicator Sorvos, and Blademaster Telaamon), who were in the process of securing the area, and tell them to regroup with the Prophet.
A Non-Prophet Organization – Velen is behind enemy lines with the Legion aware of our presence. Find him.

Finding Velen starts the following dialogue:

High Exarch Turalyon: Are you hurt?
Prophet Velen: I am unharmed.
Prophet Velen: Your arrival is timely. We must find the Crest of Knowledge before Talgath takes it beyond our reach.
High Exarch Turalyon: So he is here, then. I was afraid of this.

The Forces of Talgath

Flanking Maneuvers – Close Legion Portals to cut off Talgath’s forces.
Talgath’s Forces – Defeat Talgath’s forces.

Upon arriving at Kil’jaeden’s Terrace, you see Turalyon and Prophet Velen looking at a vision with the following dialogue:

Echo of Kil’jaeden: Worthless. The Crest alone is powerless.
Echo of Kil’jaeden: This relic’s time has passed. Throw it in the temple with the naaru. Let them rot together.
High Exarch Turalyon: At least we know where it is.
Prophet Velen: It is hidden in the Seat of the Triumvirate, then. I sense only darkness within.

What Might Have Been – Talking to Velen will activate a cinematic where Sargeras Appears to the Triumvirate, but it is not currently implemented.
Across the Universe – Talgath shows up and you need to take him down.

Talgath: How unlike you, Velen, to stand your ground.
Talgath: A welcome change of pace, to be certain.
Prophet Velen: Talgath. We need not come to blows. I offer you one chance: Stand down.
Talgath: Let the hunt be finished! You are mine, Prophet!
High Exarch Turalyon: We are with you, Velen.
Prophet Velen: Pheta thones gamera. Light, guide our path.
Talgath: Oh, how Kil’jaeden mourned for you! Do you know how deeply your departure wounded him?
Prophet Velen: I lost a beloved brother that day as well.
Talgath: You did not lose him. You gave it up–all of it! Your people, your planet… even your family!
Talgath: I only hoped they would give you a reason to stay. How cold of you, leaving without your mate and child.
Prophet Velen: I have not forgotten your betrayl!
Prophet Velen: Silence! You dare speak of them!
Talgath: Struck a nerve, did I?

Talgath: Sheet-sah, you hide behind your allies… as usual.
Talgath: We will finish this another—
Prophet Velen: No. This ends now.
Prophet Velen: This is your end. If there is a shred of goodness left in you, you will help us find the Crest of Knowledge.
Talgath: Hah! You are far too late. Nothing will escape the temple. Not even the Light iself.
Prophet Velen: Safe journey, Talgath.

Shadow of the Triumvirate – Return to the Vindicaar and unlock the new Beacon, Lightforged Beacon: Prophet’s Reflection.

The Ruins of Oronaar

The Seat of the Triumvirate – Alleria returns from a scouting mission and reports to Velen about the Void in Mac’Aree. This triggers a cinematic showing Alleria peering into the void. This was not visible in game yet.

– Investigate the Ruins of Oronaar for connections to the Void
Arkhaan’s Prayers – Collect fragmented prayers related to Arkhaan’s chattering.
The Pulsing Madness – Use the prayers you collected to cleanse the Void.
Arkhaan’s Pain – Defeat the Broken that Arkhaan could not save.
Arkhaan’s Plan – Escort Arkhaan to Isolon and protect him from the Void creatures.
Arkhaan’s Peril – Arkhaan opens a portal… to the Void. We follow and inside we see Viceroy Nezhar corrupt Arkhaan. As we fight him, we slowly see Arkhaan become more and more corrupted by the Void.

Arkhaan: Show us, please… please…
Viceroy Nezhar: Let me satisfy your curiosity.
Arkhaan: Thank you! Thank you!
Arkhaan: Arkhaan finally understands…
Arkhaan: It will all be undone! There is nothing… but the Void.
Arkhaan: You must know the truth!

We are are pulled out of the Void by Locus-Walker, who taught Alleria everything she knows about the Void.

Locus-Walker I see you’ve met the viceroy.
Alleria What are your people doing here?
Locus-Walker I am here to find out. Follow, if you can.
Alleria Wait!

Umbra Hollows

Throwing Shade – We follow Locus-Walker to the Umbra Hollows and step into the Void to not be seen. We have to stealth around to avoid detection and examine the Void in the area.

Alleria This way.
Locus-Walker I have something I want to show you, but we mustn’t be seen. Follow.
Alleria Explain yourself first.
Locus-Walker Such impatience. I believe you will find the answers you seek on the other side.

Alleria What are you talking about?
Locus-Walker Why your mate of course. How does he feel about your choices?
Alleria Turalyon trusts me to make hard decisions, and I him.
Locus-Walker I am not talking about trust.
Locus-Walker How can you expect to embrace the Shadow with the Light shining so brightly at your side?
Alleria Without the Light there is no Shadow teacher.

Sources of Darkness – Deactivate the Harvesters calling the Void to this area.
The Shadowguard Incursion – Kill the Ethereals that are under the call of the Void
A Vessel Made Ready – We summon a Void creature and watch as Alleria uses her training to fight the Void. We then collect its heart to allow Alleria to pursue her destiny.

During the quest:

Locus-Walker Ah! Right on time, fleshling.
Locus-Walker Yes, this specimen will do.
Locus-Walker Prepare yourself, Alleria. Your friend here will hold its attention.
Alleria That thing… it’s… calling to me!
Locus-Walker Focus your mind. Remember your training.
Alleria I can’t– I– Argh!
Locus-Walker Fight, curse you!
Alleria I won’t let you! I am not yours to claim!
Alleria Begone, wretched darkness.
Locus-Walker Be sure to collect our prize, fleshling. I will tend to Alleria.

After the quest:

Locus-Walker The heart of a demigod. This is no mere token, Alleria.
Locus-Walker Take it, and you will be one step closer to your destiny.
Alleria I understand. Thank you. Both of you.
Locus-Walker How do you feel?
Alleria My head is… swimming.
Locus-Walker Remember… So long as your mind is your own, you command this power. It does not command you.
Alleria How did you do it by yourself?
Locus-Walker Ah, well. Perhaps I will tell you one day.
Locus-Walker Until then, I will be keeping an eye on your progress.

Alleria You should return to the Vindicaar and share what we have learned.
Alleria My path takes me into the Seat of the Triumvirate… to whatever fate awaits me there.
Alleria I am certain Velen will understand.

A Beacon in the Dark – Return to the Vindacaar and unlock the new Beacon Lightforged Beacon: Shadowguard Incursion
An Offering of Shadow – Place the Essence of Shadow in the Netherlight Crucible.

Seat of the Triumverate

Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge – This is the Dungeon Quest to enter the Seat of the Triumverate Dungeon and to acquire the Crest of Knowledge and where the questline ends for now with the Dungeon not open yet.

With the Alleria and Locus-Walker storyline ending abruptly, we’ve datamined more dialogue between the two characters that could be used at some point. Check the spoiler tag below.

Locus-Walker How industriously they work. A pity they will be overtaken.
Alleria I sense a little disappointment. Was I really your best student?
Locus-Walker I had hoped to find at least one promising soul on this rock.
Alleria I have not turned away from that path. You know why I resisted.
Alleria I need to finish what I started, Locus-Walker.
Locus-Walker Can you, though? With your… attachments?

Locus-Walker Well, Windrunner? What say you?
Alleria Show me the path. I am ready to walk it.
Locus-Walker Right this way.

Locus-Walker Seize the power of the portals, Alleria! It can become your weapon!

Alleria Arator! Turalyon!?
Locus-Walker The Void shows only half truths. Trust your instincts.

Alleria I sense great despair emanating from within. L’ura…
Locus-Walker Yes, the naaru. We must get inside. Alleria, the skills you have learned can open the way.
Alleria Understood. Champions, once the door is open clear the way to L’ura. We will be right behind you.
Locus-Walker Siphon the portal energy! The naaru’s weakness will become your strength!
Locus-Walker Take her shadow for your own, Alleria! Do as I trained you!

Locus-Walker My brethren are as industrious as they are clever. I fear the incursion point needs another round of cleansing. You know what to do.
Locus-Walker Amusing how they continue to underestimate you fleshlings, is it not?
Alleria This place is churning out darkness, manifesting into crystals of pure void. The Shadowguard covets this resource. We must claim it before they do.
Alleria That is one less arrow in their quiver. Perhaps I can find a use for these crystals that will benefit our cause.

Locus-Walker My brethren have taken it upon themselves to hasten this area’s fall to darkness. Disrupt their activities. Or don’t. The Void will have its due either way.
Locus-Walker You know what they say. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…
Locus-Walker Careful. I dabble in powers beyond your comprehension.
Locus-Walker Yes, I do have a “real” name. It’s none of your business.
Locus-Walker Were I to speak it aloud, a thousand void portals would rip open and some very unpleasant entities would come looking to collect on old debts.
Locus-Walker But by all means, if you want to see reality itself torn asunder, keep asking about my name.
Locus-Walker Here’s a hint: it’s an ancient word of power. If I whisper it in your ear, your mind will fall into madness. Still want to play?

Alleria Your timing is fortuitous, champions. Members of the Shadowguard are nearby, infusing the natives with void energy. To what end, I do not know.
Alleria Get in there and try to figure out why they are, and put a stop to their efforts.
Alleria Such chaos… such anguish. I have never sensed anything like it before.
Locus-Walker It is rare that a naaru falls into Void this way. The few cases I know of have occurred when mortals were involved. What fascinating implications…
Locus-Walker Such musings can wait, though. This entity must die.
AlleriaHow did a being of the Light become a creature of Shadow?
Locus-Walker The Void is a force of change… of transformation. Shadows are fluid, ever shifting.
Alleria I feel the fallen naaru’s power. It beckons me.
Locus-Walker You stand on the cusp of destiny, Alleria. There will be choices to make… and consequences to face.
Alleria Even defeated, the darkened naaru surges with power. I hear the shadows calling to me.
Locus-Walker Claim its essence, Alleria Windrunner. Make its chaos your own.
Locus-Walker You survived… interesting! How do you feel?
AlleriaThe voices are louder now. More insistent. But they do not control me.
Locus-Walker You asked me to teach you to use the Void as a weapon. Now that weapon is you.
Alleria It seems my training is complete.
Locus-Walker Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need to test the limits of this newfound power. Come.

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