First Images Of Jim Carrey As Dr. Eggman In Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been a delight to follow so far, through casting notices and on-set photos, but now we get our first look at comedian Jim Carey’s appearance as Sonic’s rival, Dr. Robotnik/Eggman (it’s not known yet which name the movie is going with). 

These on-set pictures taken where the movie is filming near Vancouver, Canada show Jim Carrey in a paunchy outfit with a full beard, resembling Santa Claus more than the traditional look of Sonic’s villain. Perhaps it’s just his initial look until a fateful accident burns off his beard, forces him to wear reflective sunglasses, and turns him into the mad scientist we all know and love. Thanks to Twitter account @YVRshoots and HollywoodNorth for the shots.

Carrey is there with James Marsden, who plays a local Green Hill sheriff and Sonic’s buddy in this buddy-cop film. The movie is intended to release in December next year with Parks & Recreation’s Ben Schwartz playing the CG blue speedster as a voice role.

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